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Though he has lost the first round, President Obama has pledged to press the fight for more gun control. The definitive persuasive arguments contained herein are written in anticipation of the governments continued efforts to dismantle the 2nd Amendment. This article contains 10 irrefutable points against more gun control which are based in Common Sense, Natural Law, Baser Instincts and Constitutional Rights.

Before anything else is said, let us acknowledge the loss of innocent lives as the infuriating tragedy that it is. Further, let us vigorously express our empathy and sympathy for the survivors and the loved ones of the victims and pledge to hold the perpetrators accountable.

That having been said, this writer finds it first necessary to take the time to summarize 7 historically accurate points to lay a foundation for common ground, mutual understanding and feelings of unity among rank and file Americans aka WE THE PEOPLE. Too often, WE THE PEOPLE are divided on any particular issue on the basis of political party affiliation.

This writer asserts that WE THE PEOPLE can establish a foundation of common ground, mutual understanding and unity by making ourselves aware of the history of Tyranny and Natural Law on this planet.

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”
James Madison

Every American should use the information and concepts contained within these 7 historical points to assess not only the gun control issue, but every political issue that comes before them. Within the parameters of these 7 points, every single rank and file American will find they are less vulnerable to being manipulated against their own best interests by the “Powers that Be”. By adhering to the perspective of the world outlined herein, WE THE PEOPLE will find the greatest common ground, mutual understanding and unity. In so doing, WE THE PEOPLE can stop being divided and conquered by those who seek to manage and manipulate us like livestock for their own personal gain.

Historical Point 1 – Before.....

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Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

Please join with me in mutually pledging to each other and our fellow citizens our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to our mutual endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended. [Last Paragraph, Declaration of Independence ]

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

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Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
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Tags: gun control, Legislation, violence, School, Congress, 2nd Amendment


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Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective.

Tags - Gun Control, Legislation, Violence, School, Congress, 2nd Amendment

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